K Music Player-HIFI Hi-End FLAC Player Super Bass 10.1 iPhone-iPad IPA


Name: K Music Player-HIFI Hi-End FLAC Player Super Bass

Updated: Oct 24, 2016

Requires OS: iOS 6.0 or later.

Type: IPA

Size: 10 MB


K Music Player-HIFI Hi-End FLAC Player Super Bass – A magical Music Player, let your iPhone and iPad get Hi-quality Music Effect.

and also has some hight level Super Bass Music Effect.like Super Heavy Bass,Mega Bass,Clear Bass. now your iPhone and iPad also get it.

Player has time sleep mode,so you can set a time,after the time,player will auto stop play music.

it has A-B Loop play mode ,so you can play one song from a start time and to end time to loop.

has KTV sound effect.so you can listen like in the KTV room.you can adjust it.

you can use 16 EQ to change your music sound.

player is 32bit 44.1khz hight quality music output.We focus on music,this app can let your iPhone and iPad get the top level music.support 64-320 kps MP3,AAC,HE-AAC,44.1khz 16bit stero wav,flac.

use iTunes put the music file at file sharing into K Music player’s document.

open effect set and chose mega bass 3 to test audio effect.enjoy music 🙂

Support type: FLAC / WAV / MP3 / AAC / HE-AAC

Power consumption: wav lossless < MP3 < AAC< FLAC

Support 16bit 44.1khz FLAC
Support 24bit 96khz FLAC

Support 32bit 44.1KHz WAV
Support 24bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz WAV
Support 16bit 44.1KHz WAV

The player will be the first CD sound quality music, according to the 48 square integer multiple times up to 44.1KHz 64bit precision data, and ultimately through the last 32 of the 2 square integer times down sampling to 44.1KHz 32bit precision output music. Player throughout the 44.1KHz 64bit to deal with music. Sampling with CD integer times, the CD will not cause any loss of quality.


Frequency range: 5 Hz -22k Hz
Input quality accuracy: 16bit 44.1KHz
Handling quality accuracy: 64bit 44.1KHz(about 4 billion 200 million times the accuracy of the CD is about 60 thousand times)
Output quality accuracy: 32bit 44.1KHz (about 60 thousand times the accuracy of the CD)
Signal to noise ratio: 192 dB

Whats New In K Music Player-HIFI Hi-End FLAC Player Super Bass :

Fix some flac files that cannot be played.

Screenshots :

k-music-player-hifi-hi-end-flac-player-super-bass-1 k-music-player-hifi-hi-end-flac-player-super-bass-2 k-music-player-hifi-hi-end-flac-player-super-bass-3 k-music-player-hifi-hi-end-flac-player-super-bass-4 k-music-player-hifi-hi-end-flac-player-super-bass-5

Instructions :

  1. Download the file
  2. Install

Download From Here :

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