Audify Notification Reader Premium 2.0 Beta Full Version APK For Android


Name: Audify Notification Reader Premium

Updated: Jun 11, 2016

Installs: 50,000 – 100,000

Requires OS: Android 4.4 and up

Type: APK

Size: 10 MB


Audify Notification Reader Premium  – Appszoom says Audify is the “21st century Speak & Read” app.


Audify helps you to be informed about your notifications without any effort. It speaks out your notifications through your phone speaker or headset or via any connected Bluetooth device and intelligently ignores the notifications that might annoy you.

“Audify however, it is much smarter than it appears at first glance” –


Once Audify is enabled, It starts to work automatically as soon as you connect a wired or wireless headset/speaker and stops itself as soon as you disconnect your headset/speaker.

❤ Drive safely and let Audify take care of your notifications.
❤ Enjoy music without getting anxious about annoying notifications. Ignore the unwanted and only act when you receive an important notification.
❤ Enable Audify OnSpeaker wherever you want and be informed about your notifications.
❤ Tons of options to customize as you like.
❤ Fully accessible via TalkBack


★ Mute annoying apps and enable only those apps you like.
★ Add blacklisted words and mute any specific notification from any app.
★ Enable/Disable Bluetooth device or wired headsets.
★ Privacy mode to skip notification content.
★ Automatically save your vehicle location and easily navigate with Audify.
★ Intelligently avoids consecutive notifications from the same app to avoid an annoying burst of notifications from a specific app.
★ Enable Audify on phone speaker.
★ 250 free audifications. Earn more Audifications * by sharing it with your friends or by purchasing Audify Premium to get unlimited audifications forever.

*1 Audification = 1 notification that is spoken by Audify


What’s New In Audify Notification Reader Premium :

?Better support for the apps Textra and Cloud Magic
?Improvements in identifying duplicates and skipping repeated announcements
?Caller ID Bug fix
?Real time update to mute reason

Screenshots :

Audify Notification Reader Premium 1 Audify Notification Reader Premium 2 Audify Notification Reader Premium 3 Audify Notification Reader Premium 4 Audify Notification Reader Premium 5

Instructions :

  1. Download the file
  2. Copy and paste to extSD card and Install
  3. Some Apps/Games need “Root”.

Download From Here :

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